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In view of current market situation, we decided to postpone our launch to Q1 2022, and we shall shift our focus to DAO and come out with a more lucrative roadmap, stay tuned patrons, WAGMI!
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Welcome to the Jungle of Chill

Borneo Sumatra and Sarawakian Tropical Jungles used to be a chilling place for wildlife. Unfortunately, due to drastic deforestations, Orangutans, the great apes native to the rainforests of Malaysia, and along with many other animals had became the endangered species in South East Asia.

Hence, Chilling Orangutan is born, the epitome of this project, and with the purpose behind – raising funds with the goal to combat deforestation and sustainably restore our rainforests while producing long term benefits for its members.

Sounds ambitious? Because we are.

Coming with it is our DeFi app, which will be used to launch our own token to all our NFT holders (HODLers). The Orangutans might not be going to the moon, but our token might, and these profits will also go back to our holders, and of course, rebuilding a jungle where wilds feel chilling.

Chilling Orangutan

One day of deforestation turned into one week. One week turned into months, and months turned into years. The Borneo and Sumatran rain forests are losing its habitat and our dear Chilling Orangutan finds it to be anything but chill.

With his baby, Chilling Orangutan embarked on a journey around the world, looking for his next home. One that he can properly chill and raise his baby without getting stressed out.

On this journey, Orangutan had to cross the concrete jungles. It’s scary, that’s why Chilling Orangutan had to dress himself up and play pretend as a human. In doing that, his whopping 10,000 clothing sets have caught the attention and created quite a buzz in the Solana community.


Tier & Rewards

Like Orangutans, some play a more crucial role than others. Ergo, we’ve developed this rarity system to better classify our NFTs.

There are over 10,000 total traits from the Orangutans, and we’ve classified them into a tier-based system based on the rarity of the specific trait. Our tier system is split into 4 categories – LEGEND, SUPER RARE, RARE, and NORMAL, which will be assigned randomly as you mint your NFTs. The beauty of all, there are rewards prepared for our HODLers based on tiers.

Sounds interesting? Join our Discord channel for full reward details.

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Super Rare



Launchpad 0% to 50% NFT sold

The Jungle of Chill community welcomes you on Discord with 10,000 NFTs in this very first project. Noises about our NFTs and DeFi project will be made all over social media.


Ignition 50% NFT sold

The Jungle of Chill community thanks you for being a part of it. With a giant SOL giveaway! All Jungle of Chill NFT holders will get a portion of SOL, distributed evenly to owners with specific rarity types. Refer to table above.


Cruise 80% nft sold

Wagmi!Time to start our token development – $CHILL, and have the governance token ready to be issued to all our NFT holders.

While at that, we’re not forgetting our initial promise to help restore balance to our rainforests. 5% of our profits will go to animal and nature preservation, allowing our fellow Orangutans to chill out. These organisations will include, but not limited to Sarawak Foresty Corporation, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, and The Borneo Project.


To the moon 100% nft sold

WE MADE IT! All thanks to our community members. That’s why we’re giving over 1000 SOLs away to all our NFT HODLers!

This chapter may close here, but our story is far from the end. The effort to preserve our wildlife friends (the Orangutans) is a fight of lifetime. Be on the lookout as we introduce new chapters in this journey to build the real “Jungle of Chill” and create sustainable profits to our NFT holders. The best part has yet to come.

Development Roadmap

We’re not just going to chill, because we want to ensure a sustainable long term passive income for our community.

80% sold

Development of our governance token starts the moment our NFTs are 80% sold.

100% sold

Once our NFTs have sold out, that means 100%, we would have the governance token ready to be distributed to all our NFT holders.

Token Launching & Listing

Quickly after the launch of our token, it will be listed in most decentralised exchange platforms.

DEFI Launching

For full transparency, yes, we will be retaining some of the profits because it helps to keep us going. But it’s not just that, we’ll be using this fund as our capital to start developing our DeFi and our governance tokens. And you, our NFT holders, are like our shareholders, receiving rewards from holding our tokens and NFTs.

Our DeFi services will include:

  • Lending
  • Liquidity Pool
  • Stacking
  • Trading
  • Creative ideas by HODLers


  • What’s the total supply of the JOG?

    This page was written in HTML and CSS. The CSS was compiled from SASS. I used Normalize as my CSS reset and -prefix-free to save myself some headaches. I haven't quite gotten the hang of Slim for compiling into HTML, but someday I'll use it since its syntax compliments that of SASS. Regardless, this could all be done in plain HTML and CSS.

  • How much is the mint price?

    Price for minting a JOG Chilling Orangutan is 1 SOL

  • Will there be a presale?

    Yes, we will be holding presales event before launch day. We will announce in our Twitter & Discord

  • What can I do with my Chilling Orangutan?

    Resell in any of the Solana NFT secondary market for profit, or be our DeFi project patrons by holding it for more exiciting rewards in future based on our roadmap.

  • Which wallet will be available?

    You can mint Chilling Orangutan with Phantom (recommended), Sollet, or Solflare.









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